It’s a Whole New World

Now that Rocket has added some inches to his legs, he has discovered a whole new world to be explored – anything that is up high!  He is spending a lot of his free time trying to reach things above his head and launches himself at things like the phone cord, dishes of kibble on my desk, cords on blinds, the kitchen table, etc., and I am having to be extra vigilant to keep an eye on him and distract him from this new obsession.


One very cute thing happened the other day, though.  We have been starting to work on his wearing a Gentle Leader and have been shaping him with the clicker to put his nose into the loop as a first step.   Most of the time Rocket has loved this exercise and is progressing well with it, other than a few times when he just wants to bite it. We had been given a small blue cloth bag to hold retrieving items, and a few days ago I discovered Rocket had pulled it off  of a bench in our entryway.  I asked, “What do you have there?”, and he promptly pushed his nose through the loops of the handles on the bag waiting for his click and treat – I suppose to him it looked just like his Gentle Leader!   What a smart boy!

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