Learning the Push Command

I’m going to let the video do most of the work in this post (remember, I promised not to write so much?).  A couple of weeks ago Rocket started to learn how to push things with his nose, and I thought it might be fun to track his progress as he went through the  process from the very beginning.  In all, I think we probably spent a total of about 20 to 25 minutes over the course of a few sessions for Rocket to get the hang of it.  My goal was that this would  give an example of how a behavior can be shaped with the clicker.  I started out by  clicking and treating him for merely showing interest in the piece of blue tape on the door and then gradually raised the criteria until he needed to push it hard enough to close it.  Since I filmed this, he has learned to close refrigerator doors, closet doors, drawers, and also can push the laundry basket  and his dish across the floor with his nose.   We were told in class that the “push” command will also be used in teaching him to turn on light switches in the future.   I hope you find the following interesting:

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One Comment on “Learning the Push Command”

  1. GMS Says:

    We watched this and laughed because K and I were cheering for him as we watched him progress. We think he is the smartest dog (then again his trainer is very smart and good at what she does also)!!

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