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Heaven in Rocket’s Eyes

January 10, 2010

Yesterday Rocket took a trip to the groomer to get all gorgeous for the dog show today.  Thanks Teresa – he looks great!

Then early this morning we packed up and headed to St. Paul for the Land O’ Lakes Kennel Club Dog Show to help staff the Helping Paws table.  Rocket thought he was in heaven; for two hours he was fawned over by countless dog lovers, not to mention all the dogs.

I was so proud of him! – He exceeded my expectations and behaved very, very well for only a 10-month-old.  He did spend too much time rubbing his face on the floor off and on, an issue with the Gentle Leader we’re still dealing with, but he sat politely to be petted and shook hands whenever he was asked (and a lot of times when he wasn’t).  Everyone commented on how beautiful he was, and Rocket soaked it up.   It is pretty funny because he now seems to think that in addition to meeting people with a paw shake he is supposed to meet new dogs that way, too.  When he is given permission to come face to face with a new canine friend, he throws out his paw and puts it on their head as if to say, “Hi – nice to meet you – can we play?”  I’m not sure the other dogs know what to make of this.

Our purpose for being at the show was to encourage people to consider becoming a foster home for a Helping Paws dog, and it was  a lot of fun – I hope we’ll get a chance to do it again next year.  Our table was right at the entryway to the show by the escalators leading down to the show rings; that meant that the first thing people saw as they came to the show was Rocket and the other Helping Paws dogs, so we got to talk to a lot of people.    It was also fun to see some other Helping Paws dogs who are further along in their training.   Rocket was able to focus enough to practice some retrieves, drops, and loose leash walking.  We visited a few vendor booths after our shift was over, and Rocket “picked out” a new squeaky toy.  As I write this, he is lying on the floor next to me happily chewing on it – all in all, a very good day for the Rocket man.