Progress in Spite of Me

I filmed Rocket a few weeks ago working on some of his newer skills; watching the videos has been educational.  You may recall that Rocket is being trained with a clicker.  When he hears the clicker (or sometimes in the video you may hear me saying the word “tip” –  a verbal substitute for the clicker), he knows that what he is doing at that very instant is what I am looking for.  However, while looking at some of these videos I can see that my timing is WAY off with the click – it is late.   For example, here’s a clip of me working with Rocket on learning to turn on a light switch.  He should be hearing the click EXACTLY  when his nose is pushing up the switch – watch the video and see how late I am with the clicks.  I have come to the conclusion that when I am having frustrations with Rocket learning a skill it may very well be my timing that is off.  Granted, it isn’t easy to catch the behaviors all the time at the exact microsecond it happens, but I need to pay more attention to tightening it up I can see.    In spite of my bad timing, though, don’t you think Rocket is doing awesome with a light switch?  I’m so proud of him!

Want to see how your timing is?  Here’s a game we learned the first few weeks of class.  Find something that will make a clicking sound, such as a pen with a retractable point, and have someone drop a ball and see if you can click the exact instant the ball hits the floor – how did you do?

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